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Manyavar aimed to evolve into a digitally sophisticated brand for celebrations, providing a modernized shopping experience. Their goal was to deeply understand their customers, ensuring accessibility across all touchpoints. Their primary objective was to engage customers throughout their journey, enabling well-informed purchasing decisions.

As the UX lead for the project, I was tasked with collecting valuable insights for both the business and users, ensuring the delivery of high-quality design, and crafting a UX strategy aimed at providing a distinctive and seamless purchasing experience.

The Process

Understand Business & User needs, Gather Insight
  • Surveys
  • Onsite observation
  • Campaign & social media analysis
  • Competitive Analysis
Feature prioritization, Persona creation, Navigation
  • Persona
  • Information Architecture
  • Concept Creation
  • Feature mapping & development
Wireframe, User Interface & Visual
  • Wireframing
  • Defining use cases
  • Visual Design
  • Rapid Prototype Testing

User Research

Despite the ambiguity of the user's intention, our foremost focus was on discerning their needs. To achieve this, we surveyed to understand the demand for traditional attire, potential budget limitations, the impact of peer and family recommendations, and preferred brands. Additionally, we conducted a fly-on-the-wall exercise to observe the user's purchasing behavior closely.
Screenshot 2023-04-04 at 4.59.34 PM.png
Group 39909.png
Group 39913.png

Persona Creation

While delineating primary personas, we also acknowledged the pivotal role of influencers, as they wield significant influence in the decision-making process.


After concluding the discovery phase, we iterated on the initial concept for the homepage. Numerous iterations were undertaken to fine-tune the concept and ensure its alignment with both user preferences and the offerings of the brand.(Homepage & Product detail page)
Product Listing Page
Wedding Closet
08 Wedding Closet.jpg

Interface Design

As Manyavar is a celebration brand the visual language had to be delightful, and colorful creating an aura of festivities. Several traditional motifs have been used to bring charm to the website, while motion design and animations were used purposefully to create moments of magic.

Top Banner / Entry points
Group 40080.png
Product Details Page

Talking to Real Users

83 Users, 7 Locations and 3 Journeys
  • A balanced blend of the groom, bride, festive buyers, and family members.
  • Someone who’s looking for a wedding in the coming 3-4 months & some festive buyers
  • Age group: 25 - 55
  • User testing was conducted in 7 cities (mix of Metro, Tier 1 and Tier -2 cities )
  • We tested Homepage, Product landing page (PLP), Product detail page (PDP) & Wedding closet. The users were asked to perform a task, users testing was conducted where we understood what they felt about the designs/understood their behavior
Title slide.jpg

Other Projects


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